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she's short for her height, he's average height.... he's an accountant, she's a nurse.... he has red hair, she's a spitfire.... he adores Jet Li, Queen Latifa tickles her funny bone.... he loves to get his hands dirty, she'd prefer to pay someone to do the job.... he sleepwalks, she hasn't had a good sleep in the last 4years.... he grooves to Michael Jackson, she mellows to Jack Johnson.... he spoils her, she lets him. :)....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nikki & Adam

Nikki and Adam are getting married in Cuba next year (yay for destination weddings!!). They also have the cutest furry family! We started off with some family photos with Trey, Abby, and Phyllis.

Adam and Nikki, your kids are adorable!

These two are so cute and goofy! I had a hard time keeping a straight face...

Nikki wanted some pictures at a cemetary. It was quite peaceful and beautiful there.

Possibly my favorite photo from that day...

Nikki and Adam, thank you so much for letting me take photos of you and your family! You guys are great together and I had some good laughs! Congratulations and best wishes with your Cuban wedding!


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