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she's short for her height, he's average height.... he's an accountant, she's a nurse.... he has red hair, she's a spitfire.... he adores Jet Li, Queen Latifa tickles her funny bone.... he loves to get his hands dirty, she'd prefer to pay someone to do the job.... he sleepwalks, she hasn't had a good sleep in the last 4years.... he grooves to Michael Jackson, she mellows to Jack Johnson.... he spoils her, she lets him. :)....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

More of Krystle and Pat

New pictures of Krystle and Pat as I finish up post processing their photos. They were up for anything and I love how the photos turned out! If you look very closely, you would notice that Krystle has gorgeous long arms that would turn Michael Phelps green with envy!

Thanks again Krystle and Pat for being awesome models and congratulations!


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